Monday, 25 April 2011

did i ever tell you.....

that my flatmate has a frog? Meet Cow, the frog. Yes it's a funny name for a tiny little tree frog but she also had a friend named Duck but unfortunatly they died. She is 3 years old and she loves to eat crickets and get sprayed with lots of water. When she feeds at night, as she is nocturnal, it's sounds like as if you'd throwing a big clump of dough at window and every so often the poor thing thinks she's caught a cricket when in actual fact it's a bit of bark and you have to force it out of her mouth. Meet Cow our resident flat frog. :)

Monday, 18 April 2011

super fat lens.

Pleased to come home to find that my Superheadz camera had arrived! Whoop. Complete with film :)

Not only did I get my awesome camera but there was also a tiny little toy dinosaur at the bottom of the box!

At first I thought it was a mistake but it's not as it's on the contents list on the top of the box! Nice wee addition to the package.

Thank you Photojojo, we shall do business again soon! :)

Photos to come once I finish the film and get them processed! I love the element of surprise with film and polaroid.

weekend bits and bobs.

This weekend it was my very very good friend Joce's birthday so we had fun in the park with bubbles, cameras and a frisbee and then on out for a good ol' boogie. :)

Last photo is of  Clare (Left), Myself in the middle and Joce the Birthday Girl.

Friday, 15 April 2011

real inspiration.

I know Tommy Ga Ken Wan through a friend, he's a brilliant professional photographer who is based and lives in Glasgow and he recently did a talk at The Glasgow Art School for a Media Week about being a pro photographer and how he got there. It really inspired me to do more with photography as I would say it's definitely one of my main passion in life and I'd love to do more with it. Tommy gave a lot of excellent photography advice in just 25minutes of his talk such as these wise words he read some where... " The amateur worries about equipment, the professional worries about money but the master worries about light." The video of his talk in 50mins long, it's definitely worth a watch.

I would recommend a look at his flickr also :

Check him out, you will not be disappointed!


Thursday, 7 April 2011

just purchased...

I just bought this amazing little camera today that uses no batteries, only sunlight and 35mm film. I found it on one of my favourite blogs, photojojo, a really interesting photography blog, as you may have already guessed and it also has an amazing little store that could make me bankrupt! As advanced as photography is these days with all the amazing digital SLR cameras there are out there and you can edit on photoshop till your head pops off, a lot of people are turning back to basic photography methods such as film, especially polaroids. The effects this camera gets from just feeding from sunlight are quite spectacular and I can't wait till it gets posted through my letterbox and I can get snapping :) 

how cute is this? :)