Thursday, 7 April 2011

just purchased...

I just bought this amazing little camera today that uses no batteries, only sunlight and 35mm film. I found it on one of my favourite blogs, photojojo, a really interesting photography blog, as you may have already guessed and it also has an amazing little store that could make me bankrupt! As advanced as photography is these days with all the amazing digital SLR cameras there are out there and you can edit on photoshop till your head pops off, a lot of people are turning back to basic photography methods such as film, especially polaroids. The effects this camera gets from just feeding from sunlight are quite spectacular and I can't wait till it gets posted through my letterbox and I can get snapping :) 

how cute is this? :)


  1. very cute! can't wait to see what you're gonna take with that.

  2. mee too! :) need to get some film for it :)xx

  3. ah i wanted to get this so much myself too! maybe someday... sigh