Monday, 13 June 2011

flat fun.

I love living with my flatmate David and we leave each other messages, whether it be on post it notes or with the magnetic letters on the fridge, they always brighten up my day and make me laugh...

This was one I left for David..

I left this on the fridge when I questioned whether David was still alive or not as he'd been sleeping for more than 20hours straight....

And the time I found something questionable at the bottom of a pan in the kitchen...

 to which he responded with...



  1. LOOOL for the pan :) What a great way to bright up the days! The magnetic letters are the best, but still - the notes are my faves because you can keep them and store for years & memories :)

    Urska @

  2. yeah i've got a couple of shoe boxes just with bits and bobs, photos, notes etc! I love looking through them and finding things you had forgotten about! xx