Wednesday, 6 July 2011

let's go on a date honey.

Gavin and I have been dating for just over 2 years and it's been amazing. I think it's very important to keep things fresh so we still like going on dates together. It sounds more exciting than just going out for dinner!We had a lovely time in Little Italy on Byres Road eating tasty pizza..

Then we went to Peckhams for some tasty caramel shortbread and found some amusing things!

We took our caramel shortbread to the park and we weren't the only ones enjoying it!

 how cute is this little guy? he was totally fearless too, just wandered over, took the shortbread and walked away!

To end our wonderful date we went for a couple of drinks in a nice wee west end bar and then headed home complete with popcorn to watch a couple of movies snuggled up together on the couch :) x


  1. Naw. That's sooo cute :) And caramel shortbread sounds amazing!!!

  2. awww thank you! the caramel shortbread is amazing, everything in Peckhams is amazing! xx

  3. Happy anniversary! You look so cute <3

  4. How lovely. You guys look so happy xx

  5. awww thank you for your lovely comments! xxxxx