Sunday, 17 July 2011

miss aiko honda.

Miss Aiko Honda. Where do I start with Aiko? She's gorgeous, she's Japanese (I wish I was Japanese sometimes), she's so kind, she's so sweet, she's so darn cute :), she's stylish, she has a love for Guinness, she helped Gavin and I plan our trip to Japan, booking buses and hotels for us as we couldn't understand the Japanese websites and when she had to move back to Japan, it was by far one of the saddest days. I was at work when she came in with her suitcase on her way to the airport and I just started crying in front of lots of customers and then Aiko started crying and then the mascara started to run....oh dear. :( we miss her like crazy.

So when Aiko heard the sad news that my kitty, Dj had passed away she sent me the sweetest little gift in the post...

I came home to a fun looking envelope and thought it looked like Aiko's writing with the cutest Japanese stamps on it...

In this little envelope is the most beautiful Japanese fan with a little message from Aiko and her kitty Chai on the back!

 How sweet and thoughtful is that! Beautiful. Thank you so much Aiko! xx

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